Die worldwide GPS paper-chase for young and old. We have deposited a cache per stage, every cache contains a stage-stamp. Some hotels in Krk offer the “Franziskusweg-diary” where the daily stamps can be put on.

Make a selfi with the 6 stamps on the diary and send it to office@franziskusweg-krk.com . Your selfi will be published here at the official Franziskusweg homepage.


One can buy a walking diary for € 5,- at the reception in following hotels:

- Valamar/Koralj Krk

- Drazica Krk


Coordinates of the caches (can be also found at the App  „geocaching“ at the i-store or play-store on your smartphone)


1. Stage – Krk / Punat:                N45°01.341´ E14°37.688´

2. Stage – Punat / Baska:            N44°58.678´ E14°43.371´

3. Stage – Baska / Vrbnik:          N45°01.366´ E14°42.652´

4. Stage – Njivice / Vrbnik:         N45°09.359´ E14°35.863´

5. Stage – Njivice / Milohvici:    N45°07.322´ E14°29.668´

6. Stage – Krk / Milohvici:          N45°04.811´ E14°27.435´

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