2nd stage Punat ---> Baska

Attention: this stage cannot be recommended at bad visibility conditions or strong wind (e.g. fog)!

There are two options (two tracks) from Punat up to the highest peak of the island Krk, the Obzova (569 m).

First option starts from the port of Punat, walking up to the main street and from there up “the way of the crosses” direction to the peak Veli Vhr.  On the way we pass a mountain house with a fence around. Following the trail into a high-lying valley, up to the peak Obzova (ca.2, 5 h).

Second option - following the street in Punat direction to “Stara Baska” till we pass a pink house,Restaurant "Ribaru grill",  from there follow the trail direct up to the Obzova.

From the Obzova to the south along a ridge, than briefly uphill to the peak of Zminja and more south ending up under the peak Veli Hlam. From there about 250 hm steep downhill to the church to Batomalj and out of the valley to Baska.

The route goes most of the time above the tree line – there might be strong wind – so take a windcheater, sun cream, a cap and enough water with you. Also good hiking shoes are strongly recommended for the part down to Batomalj.

The public bus from Krk to Punat is at 8:00 am, except on Sunday it is at 9:40 am. The bus at 17:00 of Baska back to Krk is nevertheless easy to catch. Just in case you get a time problem, you can make a shortcut when you get on the bus at Jurandvor at 17:03.

Summary: the “alpine” stage with a great view around the Kvarner bay and to the mountains at the mainland.

Starting point of the tour: Bus station Punat, bus from Krk to Punat at 8:00 or 9:40

Destination point of the tour: Bus station Baska, bus to Krk at 17:00

You are visitor number: 7907